What is a quarter of 1/5?

Here we will show you how to calculate a quarter of 1/5. We will not only show you how to get the fraction or mixed fraction answer, but as a bonus we will also give you the decimal answer.

To get a quarter of anything, you simply divide it by 4. Therefore, a quarter of 1/5 is the same as 1/5 divided by 4, which means that this is the fraction math problem we are solving:

  ÷  4  

To divide a fraction by a whole number, you keep the numerator and multiply the denominator by the whole number like this:

5 × 4

That is all there is to it! Below is the answer to "a quarter of 1/5?" in its simplest form:


Four quarters make a whole. 1/20 plus 1/20 plus 1/20 plus 1/20 equals 1/5. Thus, we have confirmed that our answer of 1/20 to the question "What is a quarter of 1/5?" is correct.

As promised above, we also have the decimal answer. The decimal answer to "a quarter of 1/5?" is 0.05.

Quarter of a Fraction Calculator
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