What is the remainder of 4/5?

Here we will explain and find the remainder of the fraction 4/5.

We like this exercise, because we think math learners will better understand fractions in general by finding the remainder of fractions such as 4/5.

The fraction 4/5 has a numerator and denominator. The numerator is 4 (above the fraction line) and the denominator is 5 (below the fraction line).

Furthermore, the numerator (4) is the part and the denominator (5) is the whole. In other words, to create a whole you need 5 parts. In this case, you have 4 parts. So the question becomes, "How many wholes can you make with 4 parts and how many leftovers will you have?"

You can make a total of 0 wholes by using 0 parts. You can't make more wholes than that, because then you would go over 4 parts.

The difference between the parts you used to make as many wholes as possible, and how many parts you have total, is leftover parts. Furthermore, the leftover parts are the remainder of 4/5. Therefore the answer is 4.

Here is the math to clarify what we explained above:

5 fits fully 0 times into 4.

0 times 5 equals 0.

4 minus 0 = 4 remainder.

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What is the remainder of 5/5?
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